Anti Leeching
Leeching on DarkForums

What is a leecher?
A leech is defined as someone who registers on Darkforum solely for the purpose of taking content with no intent to contribute.

What can I do to not be a leecher?
We have many sections in which you can contribute and we expect everyone to be doing so. Don't know what to post? Here are a few suggestions:

  • The most common type of contributions are that of leaks and cracking material, this can be anything from a cracked project, cracking material such as accounts or configs and finally guides.
  • Participating in discussions within the community. A contribution does not have to provide any content, members who make an effort to be involved are also valued here at Darkforum.
  • Feedback about our forum, any suggestions you may have are also valued. Everyones opinion is heard here at Darkforum. We have implemented quite a lot of user suggestions and will continue to do so.

  • How do we deal with leechers?
    When leechers are identified they will first be issued with a warning, this is generally 50%. This usually happens within a users first 10-15 posts, if said user continues to leech they will be given a temporary ban of 5 days.
    This is not a static punishment, there are different types of leeching. If a spammer leecher is found they are banned permanently without any warning / notifications.

    I've received a 50% warning, what now?!
    This is not something to be overly concerned about but it's time to change your posting habits, consider this your last warning. It's now time for you to be giving back to the community, you should consider your warning level an indicator that you are now identified as a leecher. Above are bullet points about what you could possibly contribute if you are having trouble thinking of something, it's time to start engaging with our community and participating in posts and not just posting to unlock content. As said previously, this warning is your last chance to contribute before your account is permanently suspended.

    English is not your main language?
    That is fine but you should be aware that Darkforum is an English only board, posting in other languages whether that be in posts or the shout-box is against our board rules, you will be punished. In order for this important page to be understood we have embedded a Google translator so people may better understand our anti-leeching rules. This will only be included on this page, not the whole forum.