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SafeWhisper is a self-hosted micro webservice for sharing self-destructing encrypted notes.


It's mostly a privnote alternative but there are some differences:
- Fully opensource
- You can host it yourself
- Uses Redis so notes are stored in-memory
- Configurable passkey lengths (default is 32 while privnote is 9)
- No ads

You can check out the code here:

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It's currently in beta but quite stable. I just wanted to add and clean up a few more things before 1.0.0. As well as create an easy to use docker container.
If you are interested in hosting this service you are very welcomed to do so! If people are interested I could start a list of instances so people can choose whatever one they want. (I do ask that you do not rebrand it so people can learn about the app and different hosts)

Let me know what you guys think! 🙂