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Posted by : ๖ۣۜMr Blade™
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join this site and earn 20 coin in every 1 hour. now scroll down the page and click on this button

[Image: 5b50de5ca8b2f536c52600ae674ed365.png]

after that new page will open, there you have to authorize the app by clicking this button

[Image: 3d1dac347f4508f8426040a46ee919a7.png]

after that you will see a code like that

[Image: 8d2eed7bca14185904e6addb0916fd54.png]

now paste the code in this box and click on login button.

[Image: 1bbfa0dd14e724f7fd3130760eee527a.png]

after that you will see you got 20 coin. now click on start

[Image: 406141a891591093f6ff3272a570508d.png]

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thanks for this nice share
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Buena inf thanksss
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