As the cryptocurrency market prepares to close a week with a rise, some altcoin whales continue their trading transactions.

The whale with the short address 0x1cb is expected to deposit 550 thousand MAVIA (equivalent to $4.25 million) on the Bybit exchange. These tokens were purchased from address 0x6d0 approximately 8 days ago for an average price of $3.1035. Currently this whale still holds a significant amount of 11 million MAVIA worth $8.38 million.

In another important move, the whale with short address 0x771 withdrew 250 thousand LINK (worth $5.01 million) from Upbit. The whale in question has withdrawn a total of 386.48 thousand LINK (worth $7.75 million) from central exchanges in 5 transactions in the past 4 days.

Remarkably, he transferred 308.39 thousand LINK (worth $6.19 million) to other wallets in the last 6 days at an average price of $20.05. Currently, it holds 58.1k LINK worth approximately $1.17 million.

Finally, the whale with short address 0x475 deposited 34.88 million LRC (equivalent to $8.42 million) into Binance wallet number 14. Interestingly, this wallet had received the same amount of LRC from the Loopring LRC Foundation Icebox a month ago.

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